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Question: Are there seats?

Answer: Seats are not provided for the festival and so we remind everyone to bring your own chairs or blankets. There are tables set near the vendors for those enjoying dinner with the music.

Question: Is there food and drink?

Answer: Yes, local vendors will provide several options for dinner, as we try to accommodate families. Additionally, wine and beer will be available to purchase. Wine and beer purchases require a license/identification.

Question: Can you bring your own food or drink?

Answer: Since we have a wide variety of food and beverage options, festival-goers are NOT permitted to bring their own food or drink. It is illegal to bring alcoholic beverages to the event. Additionally, no alcoholic beverages may be taken outside of the festival area. We hope everyone will support the vendors and groups offering food and drink at the festival.

Question: Is the event accessible for someone in a wheelchair?

Answer: The committee is making every effort to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs. There will be a handicap dropoff and handicapped parking. Additionally, we will have volunteers to help people maneuver wheelchairs in the grassy area, as well as a golf cart for individuals who have difficulty on uneven surfaces.

Question: Is there parking?

Answer: You will be able to find parking in the two lots adjacent to the park as well as along adjacent streets.

Question: Are pets allowed?


Answer: The festival is a pet-friendly event, but owners are responsible for keeping them on a leash, cleaning up after them, and preventing any disruptions.

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